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Aug 13, 2020

Host Gail Ferguson Jones talks with author and life coach Jeoffrey R. Hutcherson, a teacher and speaker who helps others develop a personal recipe for happiness in every area of their life, no matter how trying the circumstances. In this episode, he shares how he helped a friend find his way back to happiness after being caught in the struggle of his wife's alcoholism.

Gail Ferguson Jones, a recovering codependent, is an award-winning journalist, speaker and peer-to-peer recovery coach. Her Buttrfly Effect program serves those struggling with the addiction of a loved one.

To learn more or to subscribe to her newsletter, go to or contact her at

Jeoffrey R. Hutcherson is author of "Transformative New Thoughts: Discover TNT for a Delightful Joy-filled Reality," and "Hot Chocolate Happiness: Happy Cuz I Said So." He is also a massage therapist, sound healer, former international radio talk show co-host and voice-over actor.

He has developed a program called the "Gathering of Equals Philosophy." To learn more, go to and

Music for The Buttrfly Effect Podcast, "Inspire Me," by Mixaund at