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Oct 22, 2020

Host Gail Ferguson Jones talks with Matt Salis, author of "soberevolution: Evolve into Sobriety and Recover Your Alcoholic Marriage." Matt and his wife, Sheri, are host of the Untoxicated Podcast, and offer a community of support through their Echoes of Recovery program.

In the first of this two-part episode, Matt describes his descent into alcoholism, his denial of the affects his drinking had on his marriage and children, and his road to sobriety.

In the next episode, Matt's wife, Sheri, will share the challenges of healing a marriage damaged by alcohol abuse.

You can learn more about the Salises' books, podcast and coaching program on their website,

Host Gail Ferguson Jones is an award-winning journalist, podcaster, speaker and recovery coach.

She offers peer-to-peer coaching, specializing in recovery from codependency, through her Buttrfly Effect Program. Learn more and subscribe to her email newsletter at or via email at

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