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Jul 16, 2020

Host Gail Ferguson Jones speaks with Drug and Alcohol Counselor Paxton Dickerson, a recovering addict, Detox Specialist and Recovery Coach, about how his substance abuse affected his family and his response, while using, to their concerns. He describes the mindset of those caught in the grips of addiction and their manipulative approach to relationships. Dickerson advises loved ones to seek their own recovery to address their codependency.

Paxton Dickerson, founder of Mechanics of Recovery, speaks at rehab centers, schools, community groups and businesses. He can be reached at To learn more about his program, go to:

Gail Ferguson Jones is a recovering codependent, award-winning journalist, speaker, podcaster and recovery coach. Her Buttrfly Effect program offers peer-to-peer coaching specializing in recovery from codependency. To learn more or to subscribe to her eletter, go to, or contact her at

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