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Jul 30, 2020

Host Gail Ferguson Jones talks with guest Caledonia Curry, a multi-media and portraiture artist also known as Swoon. She is a philanthropist and founder of the Heliotrope Foundation, which includes on its board such luminaries as Music Producer Swizz Beatz. In this episode, Callie shares her story of growing up in a dysfunctional family plagued by addiction, the trauma she suffered as a result, and her healing through recovery. Callie uses art and storytelling in her work with prison inmates to assist in their healing. And she rallies other artists in her social justice and job-creation projects in Haiti, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

For further information about Swoon and her work, check out the following websites:;;

And Caledonia Curry/ Swoon Studio on You Tube.

The Million Person Project at

Gail Ferguson Jones is an awarding-winning journalist, Podcaster, speaker, recovering codependent and certified recovery coach. Her Buttrfly Effect program offers peer-to-peer coaching, specializing in recovery from codependency. To learn more, subscribe to her newsletter at or contact her at

Books referenced in this episode: "In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts," By Gabor Mate; "The Body Keeps The Score," by Bessel van der Kolk; and "Trauma and Recovery," by Judith Lewis Herman.

Music for The Buttrfly Effect Podcast, "Inspire Me," by Mixaund at